Bad Moon Brewing has evolved over the years from a small group of guys hanging out in a garage in Central City, PA trying out some beer kits into a large group of friends’ obsession with trying new styles and creating unique flavors of beer. We now do all-grain recipes and add many different adjuncts to our brews—we’ve even done some barrel-aging! Our philosophy is that beer should be fun and while not every beer we make turns out how we had envisioned we always have a great time making it and sharing laughs!

The group is led by Mike Fahy, the creative mind behind the recipes (and the ignition to this dumpster fire), who has also dabbled in brewing at the professional level at several local breweries. While he has enjoyed working in these full-scale breweries he never lost his passion and drive for homebrewing which has led him back to the garage where recipe restrictions and laws aren’t applicable and his creativity can run free. He is joined by several family members and friends to help collaborate on ideas as well as produce and package their brews and share them at local homebrew festivals.

BMB Awards

Cookies and Milk Stout (Oreo) - 2nd Place People's Choice - 2018 Tangled up in Brew
Cookies and Milk Stout (Oreo) - 1st Place People's Choice - 2018 Westmoreland Homebrew & Chill
Diesel Jesus w/ Mint Chocolate Coffee - 1st Place Stout - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
Salted Cucumber Saison - 1st Place Belgian Style - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
Jalapeno Wheat - 1st Place Smoked, Fruit, Herb - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
Robust Porter - 1st Place Dark Ale - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
The Man The Myth The Ledger Session IPA - 2nd Place Light Ales - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
Dance of Damsels Milkshake IPA - 3rd Place Mixed and Specialty - 2018 Westmoreland County Fair
Diesel Jesus - 1st Place Ale - 2017 Tangled up in Brew
BMB - Best Homebrewer - 2017 Shop Demo Depot Bambrewzle
Homeless Assassin - 1st Place All Beer - 2017 Windber Oktoberfest
Homeless Assassin - 2nd Place Strong American/Euro Ales - 2017 H.A.Z.A.R.D. Homebrewing HAZtoberfest
Raspberry Jalapeno - 1st Place Fruit Beer - 2017 Rails & Ales Beer Festival
Diesel Jesus - 2nd Place Stout - 2017 Rails & Ales Beer Festival
Homeless Assassin - 2nd Place Double IPA- 2017 Rails & Ales Beer Festival
BMB - Best Homebrewer - 2016 Shop Demo Depot Bambrewzle
Diesel Jesus - 1st Place All Beer - 2016 Windber Oktoberfest
Raspberry Jalapeno - 1st Place All Beer - 2016 Red, White and Brew Festival
Diesel Jesus - 2nd Place All Beer - 2016 Red, White and Brew Festival
Raspberry Jalapeno - Honorable Mention Fruit, Wood, and Specialty - 2016 WAZE Homebrew Competition
Raspberry Jalapeno - 1st Place All Beer - 2015 Windber Oktoberfest