Homebrew in Cans! - 04/10/2020

Author: Mike

We've all heard it, beer tastes better out of bottles, cans suck...at one point, this may have been true. However, the modern aluminum can doesn't bring those off flavors. Instead it brings freshness by creating a better seal and not allowing any light in the beer. It also makes the beer more portable and it's better for the environment.

With more and more breweries switching to cans we decided to take the plunge as well. We recently purchased the Oktober Can Seamers SL1, which is specifically designed for homebrewers.

We've had the unit for about a month and have put almost 200 cans through it (we brew a lot). Right out of the box the seamer was flawless. We've had no issues with leaking cans or inconsistant seaming. The simplicity of the design is also impressive. 

The process is:

1) Fill the can with our beer gun leaving a small layer of foam on the top

2) Place a lid on the can

3) Place the can in the seamer and lock the can in to place using the bottom lever

4) Turn the machine on, slide the seaming handle the right for 3 seconds and then to the left for 3 seconds

5) Turn the machine off and unlock the can

If that sounds simple, it's because it is. Two people are able to do a 5 gallon keg in about 30-40 minutes. 

If you're in the market for a simple at home canning solution this is the one to get.