Adding Flavored Coffee to Beer - 05/01/2020

Author: Kaitlin

When you brew professionally there are laws and guidelines that you have to follow, so you have to get creative and find ways to make unique beers while still following the restrictions. The fun thing with homebrewing is that the sky is the limit and because you aren't licensed you can have fun with anything edible and add it to beer!

During Mike's time as a professional brewer one way he found to add flavor while still following the allowable items was to add flavored coffee and it has been a big hit! Since getting back to homebrewing we have started to experiment with it even more. We found the Christopher Bean Coffee Company, who has a large variety of flavors, and so far have loved their coffees! They offer great deals and pricing and the coffee is freshly roasted after you order!

We used their Blueberry Crumble coffee in our "Let's Get Ready to Crumble" white stout (my first recipe!) and their Raspberry White Chocolate Truffle coffee in our "Diet of Champions" stout (also my idea, lol). Both brews were a big hit amongst our friends and the coffee flavors really shined. 

If you're a coffee drinker just looking for some new varieties check them out, we promise you won't be dissapointed! If you're a homebrewer (or brewery) looking for some new ways to flavor your beer and haven't gone this route yet, we highly recommend it! To add it to beer the first step is to cold brew it with a high concentration of coffee using 1lb per 2.8 quarts of water. We add ours to a mason jar and let it sit for 24 hours then strain through a funnel using coffee filters and add to the beer! For our white stout, to keep the color from changing and only add flavor we kept the coffee whole bean when cold brewing, for darker stouts we grind the coffee to give it a more robust flavor.


I think since there's coffee in it that also makes it an acceptable breakfast drink, right?! 

Have a brew-tiful day! ;)