Tilt Hydrometer - 05/22/2020

Author: Mike

So this weeks blog will be a bit more for the beer geeks like myself. Brewing beer is a great obsession...err...hobby, and I'm a firm believer that you don't need fancy equipment or technology to brew great beer. However, the fancy equipment and technology make it fun and sometimes easier.

The first case for this would be our stainless steel temperature controlled SS Brewtech fermenters. We made great beer in homebrew buckets like most people when they get started. However, buying these two fermenters allowed us to control fermentation temperature which in turn helped us make a better product.

The most recent tool was a birthday gift from Kaitlin, the Tilt Hydrometer. A little background, when making beer you have to use a hydrometer to measure the gravity of the wort or beer. The hydrometer tells you how much sugar is in the liquid. You need to know your starting gravity and ending gravity to do the ABV calculations. Before this fancy new device we would have to pull out a tube full of beer to test the gravity. We would often taste the beer but it was still fermenting, not carbonated, warm and so on. 

The Tilt Hydrometer saves all of this because it floats in the fermenter and connects to my phone via bluetooth. So I can get a gravity and temperature reading by walking close to the fermenter and turning on the app (see the picture). This has been a great tool for us as it saves us from wasting the tube of test beer and also allows us to closely monitor how far along the beer currently is. 

Is the tilt necessary for brewing? No. Is it a sweet tool to have? Damn right.